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List Easy is an eBay store order management system whi

Broadway shows are very popular among all kinds of public. People seem fascinated with these shows. The tickets to these shows are sold quicker than any others in the entertainment industry. Sometimes many people are left without tickets for their favorite shows because they were not fast enough to get them and shows are put into stage more than once, with the same success to the public.

Ticket brokers know that where it is high demand there is always room for speculations and, thus for making great profit. This is why Broadway tickets can be hardly found at primary sources. In fact, the promoters of Broadway shows have developed their relationships with the ticket brokers, so that they are the first who get access to tickets.

From this relationship both the promoter and the ticket brokers have to gain. The promoters are freed from the burden of advertising the show, because this will mostly be done by ticket brokers, who will be interested to sell the tickets for a higher price. The more people know about a show, the greater the chances to obtain a good price for the tickets. In exchange, the ticket brokers get to choose the seats they are going to purchase tickets for and will have some discounts from a ticket's face value.

Ticket brokers usually pay only 50% - 75% of the retail price of a ticket. This means that they will have from 25% up to 50% profit from one single ticket. When the demand is very high and they feel that they can get a bigger price for the same ticket, they will surely increase the price, thus boosting their profit.

Of course that not all the ticket brokers can be Broadway ticket brokers. In addition to skills you need to meet the requirements of Broadway promoters. But with a little luck and perseverance you may get to be a successful Broadway ticket broker and earn a lot of money!

List Easy is an eBay store order management system which offers you to:
-Upload orders directly to your eBay store.
-Modify and process orders using fine-grain user security access rights.
-Generate custom layouts to show your professionalism to your clients.

Real features designed by real store-owners and software engineers make up the List Easy software