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Omid Shekarchian and the VoIP revolution

Omid Shekarchian, veteran and pioneer in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunication has made a substantial contribution in voice and data networks for more than ten years. VOIP telecom is definitely among the hi-tech advancements observed over the years. Omid Shekarchian is an expert in Business administration and marketing strategies which has proved major achievements in Telecom sector. A much sought after consultant in the field of software development, he is well versed with technologies in both back end and front end interface. His efficiency as Telecom General has demonstrated great foresight to bring about telecom network expansion in US, Canada, and some European countries. Major grounds captured by him are Business Development, Business Administration, Telecom network design, Maintenance, System Integration and development.

He has wide-ranging and specialized technical expertise in telecom network design and has applied this expertise and broad understanding of multiple disciplines to his business. He integrates expert knowledge of technical principles and methods of multiple disciplines due to his comprehensive knowledge of products/ services and internal operations. His impeccable marketing sense, sound business management strategies has pushed the frontiers of VoIP industry to different Middle East countries and the US. Estimates reveal that thousands of businesses have saved up to 70% on their monthly phone bills by switching to a VoIP phone service as recommended and set up by Omid Shekarchian. This speaks volumes about the man's business management skills and his uncanny knack of business management, Telecommunication industry was beset with multiple problems previously as there was a major disconnect between network workstations.

The advent of Voice over IP (VoIP) software packages signaled a drastic revolution for the industry and most of the problems got sorted out. VoIP services are similar to facsimile and voice messaging applications which aid voice and data transmissions over the internet and is different than the heavily used public switched telephone network. His Unique ability range from Technology Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Telephone systems, VoIP, IT and Computer Networks

The voice signals in Analog form are converted into digital form which is then transformed into IP compatible signals ready to be transmitted over the internet. There are various telephone signal protocols including SIP Session Initiation Protocol which are used for VoIP calls. Omid brought about an intelligent change in the whole process. With the vision of Business Administration Omid identified the solutions in the form of new techniques which are used at the receiving end. As an efficient Telecom General he has taken care of needs to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

To implement VoIP in one’s company, the right provider is essential. The provider should be aware and well versed with the changing technologies and should be in a position to offer the most competitive schemes available. Omid Shekarchian has intensive knowledge and broad experience in the field and is best suited provider for any company who wants to implement VoIP in the company. He connects with vendors and customers through TDM or Voice over IP (VoIP) using SIP. His services present a perfect blend of state-of-the-art telecommunication technology and innovation for corporate communication.

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Irrespective of the sort of audio you desire, there's likely to be a concert this summer that will fit you and locating low cost concert tickets is simpler than you may feel.

Some music blogs are reporting that concert tickets are marketing well, even in light of the hard financial occasions. Even though concert tickets can be costly, many individuals believe that it is an expense they are prepared to undertake in buy to see their favored band stay, and to enjoy an night at a present.

But that doesn't imply that most of us are prepared to pull out the wallet to invest hundreds of bucks to see a present. As soon as you element in each the ticket charges, the price of parking and other essentials like drinks and food, one particular evening at a concert can be a quite high-priced one particular.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that much of the funds brought in at concerts is not just by way of ticket revenue. Merchandise and drinks also account for a big shareof concert proceeds. Occasionally it is value it to get individuals in the door inexpensively so they will devote money as soon as they get there.

But there are some alternatives for individuals who want to preserve cash on concert tickets.

Initial, look for deals at a venue you have previously been to. That is, often for the duration of a single concert a concert promoter will supply ticket bargains for a long term concert at that venue. For case in point, at one venue in the course of the summer time of 2009, LiveNation was marketing tickets for shows for $5, but you could only get them even though attending a concert at that venue. So you may shell out total cost for the first present, but get a fantastic deal on the up coming present.

Second, consider advantage of the info you can get from numerous music blogs. Simply because weblogs are up to date on a regular foundation, and frequently a lot more regularly than a site, you can often be informed of ticket specials and specific promotions lengthy ahead of you would via a standard site. Subscribe to the blog's updates or include very good blogs to your RSS reader so you you should not skip a issue.

Third, take into account buying tickets immediately from yet another fan. This can be tricky, since you want to get precautions so you know the tickets are legitimate and not fake. But if you are mindful, you can use a range of strategies to get inexpensive concert tickets this way. You may reply to an ad on-line, or you might use one particular of the a lot of ticket brokers who specialize in matching ticket sellers with purchasers. You may also bid on tickets by way of an online auction.

Although concert tickets can be expensive, they do not have to be prohibitively so. If you get advantage of the ticket specials out there, you can see your favorite band or artist this summer time for less.
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Prof Richard Arvey Addresses HR Leaders in Singapore on â____Risky Business with Risky People (1)

Singapore, 30 April 2009 - As part of NUS Business School's outreach to the human resources community, the Office of Executive Education arranged for Professor Richard Arvey, Head of the Management and Organisation Department, to speak at the HR Congress 2009 event held in Singapore on 14 and 15 April 2009.

Professor Arvey, an active industrial and organisational psychologist who has conducted extensive research in various areas of the human resource function, spoke to delegates at the HR Congress on the various risks, the people decisions, and the associated problems that CEOs and human resource leaders and professionals regularly encounter in their organizations. Particularly during the current economic crisis, human resource professionals are faced with increased uncertainty and human capital management challenges within their organizations.

Professor Arvey touched on managing risk and allocating resources in four major areas of the human resources function, namely recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and the hiring of expatriate employees. Participants also benefitted from a discussion on HRM models for achieving better outcomes against the risks undertaken when making decisions in these four areas. Professor Arvey ended the keynote session on a positive note with his views that despite the gloom and doom of the current economic crisis, risks are inevitable and may actually place human resource professionals in a good position to reshape, refine and manage talent in Singapore if they are able to handle the risks and challenging situations well.

Professor Arvey was also part of the HR Congress' Closing Panel discussion, sharing and discussing views on the topic of ‘The Future Mandates for Human Capital Management' with the delegates.

In addition, the Office of Executive Education's booth at the Business-Connect Exposition, held in conjunction with the HR Congress, was well patronised by human resource professionals and leaders who were keen to find out more about executive training in Singapore and NUS Business School's Executive Education programs.

The HR Congress is organized annually by the Singapore Human Resources Institute for human resource leaders and professionals.

About Professor Richard Arvey
Prof Richard D. Arvey is the Head of the Department of Management and Organization at NUS Business School and has been active as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist for over 30 years. He teaches classes in Staffing, Training and Development and Organizational Behavior.

Prof Arvey has also been involved in executive training programs and corporate consulting for organisations such as NASA management at the Johnson Space Center and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

About NUS BUSINESS SCHOOL Executive Education
Established in 1965, NUS Business School is known for its focus in providing management thought leadership from an Asian perspective, enabling our students and corporate partners to leverage on the best global knowledge and deep Asian insights to drive business growth in Asia and around the world. This combination of global knowledge and Asian insights is reflected in all aspects of its research, teaching and industry outreach. As Asia's Global Business School, NUS Business School is a leading authority on business in Asia.

Since 1981, we have been offering a comprehensive portfolio of public and customized executive education programs to more than 20,000 senior leaders and managers from over 80 countries. With a world-class international faculty, high impact research coupled with a spirit of enterprise, and progressive teaching tools, we deliver a diverse suite of programs that equip participants with the skills to make a direct impact on their organization's performance. For more information, visit www.bschool.nus.edu.sg/oee/main/dev/mainPage.asp?cid=1 for more details.