The best Nintendo switch 2018 Game: The best title you can play right now

The best Nintendo switch 2018 Game: The best title you can play right now

So you need to trust the best Nintendo switch game list:

We are a great player of a reliable journal. We are playing everything from the latest blockbusters to developers’ latest and greatest offer. We will play them and let you know what is worth buying with your hard-earned money.

You can earn money by buying one of the titles from our list by clicking on one of the links. This means that if you know that you are receiving good advice the next time you need something, you want us to be satisfied with your purchase.

The Nintendo switch is a game changer for many tight players. It is proved to be a great advantage for consumers that you can enjoy a good console game while you are moving and at home. But, what kind of best Nintendo switch game do you know? We have the answer.

In order to cover as many genres as possible, I reduced the list to the best titles that I can buy at the console right now. So there is something for everyone. Of course, we will update this list as new cool games on the platform appear.

How to choose the best Nintendo switch game

We will review each video game about my performance. If the game is high enough, decide whether to add it to the list.


For such a list, we are extremely grateful for the exclusive title on the platform. You can tell which titles to buy in this way, but this will only ride on your console. Fortunately, as Nintendo is known for producing very good games for the first players, this list may have the title of their studio.

E3 2018 is under our company, Nintendo announces a series of exciting new games. We are convinced that it will include Bayonetta 3, Super Smash Bros. etc.!

Now, without further turmoil, here is the best game for Nintendo switch …

The Legend of Zelda: Nature’s Breath


Well gigantic open world
Incredible depth
Very satisfying gameplay
Beautiful artistic direction
It is difficult, but still

So a speech
Slight performance degradation
Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece of contemporary game design. His beautiful open world is filled with a unique mystery to reward in his own way.

Many of the basic ideas of the series have been revised, but it is essentially Zelda updated with contemporary originality.

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You will also come across the first few of the franchisees, such as language games, shrines, a vast open world that never holds you.

Buy Now The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Nature £ 47.99 / $ 46 Amazon


Sophisticated, but just
Is beautiful
Touch and brave story
Value to play

Difficulty is not for anyone
Super Mario Odyssey
View on Amazon: £ 41.99

The best Mario of all time
Great worship in the history of the series
Hundreds of power months to collect
It looks beautiful
Phenomenal soundtrack

Some Cappy movement requires motion control
Super Mario Odyssey is almost perfect. He had huge expectations, but Nintendo just jumped into the bar at a great distance. We will make the gaming experience so far the most fulfilling one of Mario games.

Some people might wonder if they fit Galaxy, but for me it is wonderful to use sandbox formulas and wonderful tools.

You will be crazy about collecting power costumes and satellites and falling in love with all the kingdoms you visit. Nintendo had a wonderful year 2017 and finished it with the best Mario.

Buy Now: Super Mario Odyssey, £ 41.99 / $ 48.70

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