The best game Nintendo switch 2018 You need to know it

The best game Nintendo switch 2018 You need to know it

We are a great player of a reliable journal. We are playing everything from the latest blockbusters to developers’ latest and greatest offer. We will play them and let you know what is worth buying with your hard-earned money.

Conventional controllers are not feeling well
Freeze when single player content runs short
Unnecessary system to unlock weapons
ARMS is another example of how Nintendo developed a completely new one and how it works.

A boxing game that you have never played before. With ARMS, players can accept friends online at the sofa and online, and take full advantage of Joicon’s movement control. As you turn around and turn around to bend your character’s spaghetti gloves, things like simple bash-ups have a wonderful strategy level.

Once you become accustomed to ARMS, it is difficult to quit playing as new challengers always exist.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

View on Amazon: £ 46.99

A huge and beautiful world
Deep but accessible battle
Do a lot of things
Super Soundtrack

Time period slightly overworked
Inconsistent place
Performance issues in some areas
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an enthusiastic and nervous JRPG who is eager to offer hundreds of hours of content to players, aspiring to be intrigued by an intriguing history and uncompromising systems. The addictive battle system is complemented by a wonderful ensemble cast you come to rescue Alrest ‘s world.

It is sometimes difficult to believe that it works with Nintendo’s handheld when climbing huge mountains and fish in a dark industrial city. It is one of the best on Monolith Soft and feels like a home with a switch.

Buy Now: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 £ 46.99 /\ 51.46 About Amazon

Big meat boys


An amazing addictive arcade experience
A very satisfying platform
Many levels
It works well with the switch

You already have purchased it on another console
Sharp difficulty peak
No new entry
Super meat boy was touching since its launch in 2010. This high standard 2D platform that requires unmatched reflection, highest precision, and patience of saints is the best.

When you fail, you can see that the flesh splits into several small parts. This is the only satisfying thing to lose level at the end.

Snake path


Large scale control scheme
It looks pretty
Unique gaming experience

Smoking camera
Occasionally irritable
Sumo Digital was able to provide a unique gaming experience in a year to play more games than ever.

Like snake noodles, you need to work on a series of levels to collect leftovers to open the end portal, but the way to collect these items makes the game very interesting. Pull the trigger to the right, the noodle sneaks, the face button rises and reaches the heel, but the noodles must help climb.

It is basically like a 3D adventure version of Nokia’s classic snake game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

View on Amazon: € 41.98

All DLC content of the game is included
Motion control works fine
Exclusive Nintendo theme

I really began to show his age
Visual renewal from other current gene version is missing
One of the most outstanding games among the games routinely used at all consoles since its launch in 2011 is currently on the switch as a special edition.

Special Nintendo inspired skin, motion control, and of course the ability to play games as portable games is a great suggestion.

I may not offer high resolution graphics on my fellow PS4 and Xbox One, but that is the first Skyrim you can play in the toilet … I think.

Buy Now: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for £ 41.98 / $ 50.99 About Amazon

Snippet clip

See on Amazon: EUR 24, 76

Creative puzzle action
Super Copa Game
Pleasure of infection
Stupid celebration mode by 4 players

Do not make the switch really good
If you are looking for a multi-player experience that is fun, accessible and truly fun with the Nintendo switch, a snapper clip is for you. With joy in hand, you and four friends can work together, or play with a series of creative addictive puzzles.

Everything is beautifully designed around the portable screen of the switch, it is perfect for coffee pop and working. The enchanting shape you control is easy to use and creates a series of ridiculous facial expressions as you move across the screen.

Buy Now: Snapshot for £ 24.76 / $ 29.63 Amazon


See on Amazon: 40 pounds

He is superior to materials that are not stronger than usual
Best port for all time
It works well with pro controller

Of course, use visual casualties on the Nintendo platform
The frame rate will hit in an intense sequence
A small analog stick affects the purpose
We were really overwhelmed when DOOM was announced for the Nintendo switch. We never imagined such a sophisticated bloody gunman would find her way at the Nintendo console. But now, and despite some visual compromise, it is a wonderful experience.

Satisfactory shooting, evil monsters, and fantastic attitude are maintained, and Nintendo switches work very well in both docking mode and mobile mode. Please note that multiplayer mode is a separate download, unlike other platforms.

Buy Now: DOOM for £ 40 / $ 50.16 Amazon

History of golf


Enchanting graphics
Fun and addictive gameplay
Intelligent written kind character
Retro feeling

Visual is not for anyone
The mechanics of golf may be a bit deeper
Golf Story feels like a unique combination of Stardew Valley and Everybody’s Golf, as well as having to conquer neighbors on the Gulf, but also welcomes you in a lush world that is also a companion.

His sports mechanics can have enough strength to carry a golf story, but the sidebar game is his eight unique character, creating a great story around his world I will. Sharp dialogue and tight and attractive control produce real pleasure.

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