The best 2018 Nintendo switch game

The best 2018 Nintendo switch game

We are a great player of a reliable journal. We are playing everything from the latest blockbusters to developers’ latest and greatest offer. We will play them and let you know what is worth buying with your hard-earned money.

You can earn money by buying one of the titles from our list by clicking on one of the links. This means that if you know that you are receiving good advice the next time you need something, you want us to be satisfied with your purchase.

The Nintendo switch is a game changer for many tight players. It is proved to be a great advantage for consumers that you can enjoy a good console game while you are moving and at home. But, what kind of best Nintendo switch game do you know? We have the answer.

In order to cover as many genres as possible, I reduced the list to the best titles that I can buy at the console right now. So there is something for everyone. Of course, we will update this list as new cool games on the platform appear.

How to choose the best Nintendo switch game

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

View on Amazon: € 41.49

Nintendo switch and wonderful on TV
Battle mode is a great addition
Every level of difficulty has all the challenges
New models for beginners work pleasure
So many racetracks and runners

Some want to move to a new Mario Kart game
Nintendo offers the ultimate Mario Kart experience of Nintendo. The combination of the best Mario Kart of MK 8 format with switch functionality and dynamics is a game to be played in Paradise.

Thanks to the new level of drift boost, 200cc trial mode, and a new battle mode, a lot of customization options to support new players have been added and are essential items for Nintendo switch owner.

Buy Now: Mario Kart 8 £ 41.49 for Deluxe / $ 54.70 Amazon

Spratoon 2

See on Amazon: £ 44

Ideal for TV switches and screens
Multiplayer is a unique and enjoyable offer
Many new weapons, every pleasure

I do not feel like a complete suite
It may be delayed to enter the game
Splatoon 2 is like a multiplayer shooter, it is an attractive tour of Nintendo. Instead of bullets, your weapons are filled with colorful inks that fly your enemies and cover the paint area.

The game is incredibly fast, satisfied and offers exciting competitions. Always fun and refreshing. There is also a taiko-like soldier campaign to delve down a number of neat personalization options for your personal octopus kid.

Buy Now: Amazon with Splatoon 2 £ 44 / $ 53

Battle of Mario + Rabbit Kingdom

View on Amazon: £ 37.50

Absolutely breathtaking world
The deep combat system is not completely complicated
Fun play
Both worlds work really well

Do not do too much outside the battle
Sharp difficulty peak
No one imagined Mario and Rayman’s Raving Rabbids would make a great game. Among other things, we did not think that pairing would lead to deep, engaging and incredibly attractive strategy titles.

As you can see in his 8/10 report, we had a lot of fun in the game:

“Mario + Rabbies · Kingdom · Battle is a super-specific Nintendo switch, one of the original Mario titles we have seen for a long time, it is not out of reach, but it will entertain you for a long time It is only for.

Buy Now: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for £ 37.50 / $ 39.99 Amazon


Awesome motion control provides a truly cool fighting experience
The best online games Nintendo ever released
It looks awesome
Amazing depth for fighting

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